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       Time for change

How will a Reform UK government benefit you and your family & friends?

How will Reform UK benefit business and the local economy?

The first 100 days of a Reform government will be crucial for the UK

There is the alternative to high tax & low growth of both Labour and Conservative


Reform UK has great policies that would immediately have a positive effect on peoples' income. 

Raising the tax threshold to £20,000 would immediately help those in low-paid employment. 

Reducing VAT on energy bills and reducing fuel duty would lower inflation, thereby benefiting both consumers and businesses.

Nurses will be exempt from paying income tax for three years.

Care workers will be exempt from paying income tax for three years.

Reform UK will make work pay and be worthwhile through helping you keep more of the money you earn.

Businesses are struggling with the high costs that have to be paid to enable them to continue trading. 

Lowering corporation tax from the record high 25% down to 20%, then to 15% from year 5, would help attract foreign investment and manufacturing back to the UK.   We would also free 1.2 million small and medium sized businesses from corporation tax.

Abolish IR35 rules to support sole traders. The self employed often work linger hours and take more risks. Many have no pension and recieve no sick pay.

Lift the VAT threshold to £120,000 to free up entrepreneurs from red tape and beauracy. 

Future employment prospects would be more certain, unlike now.  These policies will help stimulate growth and help make the country prosperous. If business is healthy, then communities will benefit through employment opportunities that will benefit Southampton households along with the rest of the country.

The UK needs a workable immigration system such as other modern countries operate to enable us to choose those that would make a contribution to our nation.  Having valid health insurance and employment skills to enter the UK would be just two requirements. I am fully behind our party's stance over illegal migration and the plan to stop the boats and take the occupants of those boats, back to France. I am against giving illegal migrants being given work. This will encourage more to come to the UK and fill a pool of cheap labour.  The Conservatives won't stop the boats.  Labour has agreed to fly in migrants from the EU. Only Reform will stop the boats.


I support reducing foreign aid and redirecting that money to help rebuild public services that have been decimated through the Tories underfunding. It's wrong to give taxpayers money away to nations that have space programs, nuclear arms and poor human rights records.

Reforming the NHS means redistributing NHS finances to enable the training and retaining of doctors.  Doing away with those wasteful management posts listed as diversity and equality officers would leave more cash for patient care.  Reform sees everyone as one people in one nation, regardless of ethnicity, colour, or religion.  Abolishing degree entry for nurses would attract more people into the profession.

Our country needs an affordable integrated transport system if we are to reduce congestion on our roads and combat subsequent pollution.  Petrol and diesel vehicles should be retained until viable alternatives (hydrogen) are ready.

Consecutive Tory governments have reduced our armed forces to a dangerous level, unable to respond to overseas threats.  Reform UK is committed to rebuilding our armed forces.

Britain needs Reform UK to make Britain a great place to live and work in again.

Note: Not all of our policies have been released yet. As we get nearer to the time of the general election, you can expect to see more policies and ideas that make Britain a great place to live and work.

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