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Red Watch

Welcome to Red Watch. A page to keep tabs on the Labour run Southampton City Council

The madness of "Net Zero!" Glen Eyre Road Southampton: traffic calming! Its now a chicane, no room to pull aside for oncoming traffic, cost £170K of our taxes, cars have bumped into them hence the blue barriers, and they even put a cycle road marking over a pothole! Who is making these decisions, who voted for this? Reform UK would prioritise road money for repairs and road safety first - the first duty of a Council. Local elections 2 May.

Labour council to sell off assets

Labour are looking to raise £85 million through the selling off, of council owned assets to fill in the financial black hole in the budget due to their overspending of taxpayers money. Yet, they continue put money into wasteful anti motorist projects that are slowing and congesting the city's roads. Meanwhile, roads and footpaths remain in a poor state along with street lighting turned off at night.

Have you considered standing at next May's city council elections as a member of Reform UK and becoming a local candidate?

Fight back and help take down the red wall with Reform UK

How do Labour waste taxpayers money?

Find a small residential cul-de-sac road where there isn't a busy or dangerous traffic flow, and fit a 20 mph sign at the junction of the road. What a waste of time, effort and money from a council who are on the edge of bankruptcy.    Do you really want Labour to run the country?


Can you afford to vote Labour?

It's another year with Labour clinging on to power while bankruptcy beckons. The departure of council leader, Cllr Kaur, leaves her colleagues to to pick up the pieces of her 'reign', is the subject of much discussion. Did she jump or was she pushed. Her replacement, Cllr Fielker, offers no solace or encouragement for the future. Her contribution to the wellbeing of Southampton's senior citizens is lamentable. Under her stewardship as deputy leader, she closed the last care, was responsible for proposals to close the catering facility at a council run service for senior's and put forward proposals to scrap meals on wheels.  Meanwhile taxpayers money has continued to be used to grow the anti motorist agenda that is congesting the city's roads. If you think that a Labour govt would be beneficial to the nation, think again. Take a look at the Labour run Southampton City Council. Its a mess. If bankruptcy is declared, quoted figures of up to 20% rise in council tax, could be on the cards. 

No money, no ideas, time to 'phone a friend.'
What does the  Labour controlled Southampton City Council do, after they've spent all of the   money, including a chunk of the city's cash reserves, after ignoring the former Chief Finance Officer's warning to cut spending?  

Because they were unable to work out what to do next, they hired a trouble-shooter to tell them what to do next. More proof that socialism does not work.
Portland terrace.jpg

More anti motorist measures from Labour

Portland Terrace is to be closed and given over to pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooters /electric  bikes.

With East Park Terrace also being cleared of motor cars  to make way for pedestrians, already people are saying that they will go to other shopping centres outside Southampton, because shopping is so much more easier. Congestion on the roads will get worst, as will the air quality where cars are being 'herded'. 

Its yet another car crash of a ideas from Labour leader, Cllr 'Kalamity' Kaur                         

Holcroft care home.jpg

Spend spend spend taxpayers money

Its typical of Labour to run out of other peoples money and forget the important services in life, such as the council's last care home, which is now closing down. At one time, the council had a proud record of looking after its citizens. Not any more.

Did you vote for this?

Labour set to overspend by £16 million

Once again, Labour blames the Conservatives and the Conservatives blame Labour for the dire financial position the city finds itself in. The lack of financial aptitude is masked by the unwillingness by Labour to cut the outgoings. I said earlier in the year that the council should be ringfencing essential services and cutting expenditure. Pet projects and most grants will have to go if the council is to avoid bankruptcy. Regrettably, the  one care home left is closing.

Perhaps Labour are waiting for the time when it has to declare bankruptcy and therefore allow the government men in to wield the axe where they are frightened too.

You can imagine the uproar from Labour if / when the situation arises. It was the fault of the government, not us. Aren't they wicked. The time for playing politics for Cllr 'Kalamity' Kaur and her colleagues is over. Resign and clear out your desks.

As the city council struggles to avoid bankruptcy, £1 million pounds is being spent to put up 20 mph signage.


How many workman does it take to put up 20 mph signs under Labour run Southampton City Council ?

Did you vote for these measures that will slow traffic, cause congestion and reduce air quality. In other parts of the country, such measures have proved ineffective and have been scrapped.


Reform UK are committed to scrapping such schemes. Exceptions being near schools and residential areas where residents need them.

Financial incompetence by Labour City Council

The appearance of the Beryl Bike racks caught many residents by surprise. They were unaware of a public consultation through the Echo newspaper public notice section and notices attached to lamp posts. Like many, I was intrigued that this additional e – travel scheme was going ahead in the light of the revelations’ that the city council faced bankruptcy and spending cuts.

A freedom of information request, revealed that neither the Voi e scooters or Beryl Bikes pay the council any rental for the sites where racks are positioned within the city limits.

Furthermore, no portion of income has been negotiated from rental fees for either scooters or bikes.

This brings you to a conclusion that it’s the council taxpayers who are effectively helping to finance the running of these two private companies. Who voted for that?

(Is that Socialism?)

If this is indicative of how the Labour controlled council have been making decisions over annual expenditure, is it any wonder that the council is facing bankruptcy and tough financial decisions?

It is not unreasonable to expect our council to at least make some money for the city's taxpayers, out of the private companies who use the city's ‘highways and bye ways’ for their own corporate gain?

Can you imagine in the ‘real world’, where you take this deal to your boss, who asks, 

"How much money will we make?" You say, "none". The boss says, "you're fired".

Note. Beryl Bike stand, Lawn Road. Taken by local resident.

What happens when an inexperienced bunch of Labour councillors run out of other peoples money to fund their pet, political projects? The taxpayers are faced with footing the bill, all because they refused to practice good financial housekeeping.

Placing the blame on the government  is a typical fall back position. Not reading 'the writing on the wall' and ignoring the indicators such as raiding the cash reserves and ignoring the warning of the Chief Finance Officer, are the signs of incompetence and a failure of leadership.

So what can we expect? In the event of a bundle of cash not mysteriously appearing, we can expect swinging cuts or perhaps a 'fire sale' of council (taxpayer) property, rises in council charges, i.e. planning, trade waste etc etc. Unless the government send in commissioners to run the place, the smart money is on a rise of our council tax and service cuts. Who voted for that?

Whatever happens, Councillor Kaur should clear her desk and resign from the council along with her fellow Labour councillors. You have all brought shame on our city.

Labour controlled Southampton City Council are facing the stark reality of their financial mismanagement.

Reform UK Southampton took the position earlier in the year that essential services and the finance to provide them, should be consolidated. Now the city faces making redundancies, all because Labour failed to heed the warnings.

Pet political projects should be cancelled to protect basic services in the event of Labour councillors failing to resign.

You have to ask the big question about council leader, Cllr Kaur who has expectations of becoming the MP for Southampton Test. Would you trust her making decisions on the nations finances?

This is what happens when you vote Labour.

We residents pay the price.

Image via The Daily Echo

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