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Current & topical issues

The govt have no plans to stop the boats

They do however, have a plan to create a pool of cheap labour by offering migrants employment. This is a dangerous move that would undercut wages and conditions of work for British citizens struggling to find work. One of the areas of work that would be offered to migrants is in 'care'. A career that needs background checks, something that migrants would fail. It must also be noted that the Tories sacked thousands of care workers and nurses because they refused the covid vaccination. A decision that has now been vindicated. Stopping the boats and taking the occupants back to France (a safe country) is but one of Reform UK's policies. Labour also have no plan to stop the boats. Indeed, they have agreed with the EU that any future Labour government would take in migrants at the behest of the European Union in Brussels.

Are you still considering voting Labour or Conservative? 

Christmas cames early for Southampton council taxpayers

Labour council leader, Cllr 'Kalamity' Kaur resigns. (Or was she pushed!!) Running off to leave your colleagues to pick up the financial mess isn't a good look for a 'wannabe' member of parliament. Maybe the lady thinks that the intervening time between her resigning and the general election will cloud voters minds over her poor leadership of the council?

No - not a chance.

Image by Stefan-Daniel Petcu

Sunak and Rwanda sunk

The nations judiciary have sunk the plan to send illegal migrants to Rwanda. Sunak has no plan B. His big play was to tell the nation that he and the Conservative government had the answers to the migrant crisis.  He lied.

Reform UK 's plan is to have offshore migrant centres to process claims for asylum.

Reform would stop the boats in the English Channel and take the migrants back to France, a safe country. The is international legislation that allows for this action. Its just that the Sunak and the Conservative government have no political will or backbone to address this crisis. Labour have announced a deal with the EU where the UK will take more migrants. You have one choice who you can trust to control our borders and tackle the flow of migrants - REFORM UK

Another dark day for Labour

How embarrassing it is for the Labour leader, Cllr 'Kalamity' Kaur, having to have the council use taxpayers money, to buy in hired help (trouble-shooter) in order to try and find a way out of the financial mess her party have got the city into. This goes to show that we need to elect people with life experiences, not a political degree, to run councils.

Do you really want the Labour council leader as your next M.P?

While looking into the almost empty city treasury the Labour run council is pressing ahead with a Beryl Bike scheme, similar to that run for the e-scooters. Although funded by the govt with your taxes, as yet, no details have emerged of any income that the city should have negotiated with Beryl Bikes.

 Isn't reasonable that Beryl Bikes should be charged a rental for each space they take up to site their bikes? Has the council has negotiated a commission of each hire fee? To do so would be good business practice on behalf of taxpayers.

Or this another 'free lunch' from the Labour Party, financed by taxpayers money?

Rishi 'disaster' Sunak is not prime minister material. People may say that he did a good job during the covid period. But then, how easy is it not to foul up, giving away taxpayers money?

His philosophy of throwing cash at problems and making promises are coming to nothing. He is but a false prophet that fails to deliver.

Reform UK have the policies and people to to make Britain great again.

             Vote for what you want, not what you are afraid of.

Labour controlled Southampton City council have announced that they are asking for hundreds of employees to consider voluntary redundancy because they have blown the city budget. Instead of managing and consolidating essential services and the finance to run them, they chose to carry on with pet projects such as restricting traffic flows and maintaining a city of culture team. Money that should have been used to encourage new business and employment opportunities is gone. When did you last hear an announcement about the city's economic growth prospects from the council or any of the city's M.P.'s? - Answer - you havent. 

Reform UK would put the local economy at the forefront of council business. Afterall, its money that pays for jobs and services, not arts and crafts. Reform UK say, lets make Southampton a great place to live and work once again.

Enviro Nuts

Despite opposition from taxpayers, the Labour controlled city council continues to pursue their madcap environmentalist agenda that sees restrictions into areas by motor vehicles, impacting the daily lives of residents and visiting businesses alike. Coupled with their huge spending on cycle routes and paths that for most of the year see little use. 

Note; the top left hand photo is from Portswood ward where Labour are banning through traffic with the exception of buses and taxis. The lower photo is a typical use of planters to make a road/area a low traffic neighbourhood. (LTN)

Reform UK says its time to stop casino politics style spending on green pet projects.

Anglo French farce

The latest Tory government's deal with France regarding migrants, actually doesn't really help the current situation at all, except to give the French yet more of British taxpayers cash. A few British police officers to mingle with French police will not be a deterrent. (We don't have enough police officers for our own needs, let alone help the French).  More money for drones, more CCTV and night vision equipment and reception centres to process migrants sounds good, but is not the answer.

Shouldn't  France should be stopping the economic migrants entering their country as do other European countries? Such is the farce of the EU open border policy. 

Legitimate migrants wishing to settle in the UK have a tried and tested way of applying for a visa at a fraction of the cost people smugglers are charging.

Only Reform UK would turn the boats back / take the migrants back to French soil. This is the message that is needed to deter the criminal gangs and their customers.

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