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Southampton Test


My name is John Edwards and I have been selected as the Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate  for the Southampton Test Constituency. I reside in Maybush with my partner along with our pet dog and cat. I run a small successful gardening business that covers the city and the  immeadiate Solent area, so I know all about hard work and how to achieve results.

I will be standing as your Reform UK Party candidate at the next General Election because I share your frustration about the  state of crisis brought about by the Conservative government. Our country's institutions and services are broken through a lack of proper management and misspent funding. How many times have people tried to get a doctor or dentist appointment and failed? Price rises on food, clothing, fuel and energy affect us all. The ever-increasing cycle of rises in council tax, rents and mortgages are crippling many households and businesses. Yet, the government carry on taxing us even more. That has to stop, along with the annual  give away of taxpayers money in foreign aid to those country's who do not need it.

The government seem intent on supporting continuing the war in Ukraine. While I support the right to defend yourself against aggression, questions need to be asked, such as, how long has the taxpayer got to fund this war? The conflict in Gaza where Israel are combatting Hamas is an ongoing battle that has gone on since the creation of Israel after WW2. Where are the peacemakers these days? At this time, the bill for resources, both human and material is unacceptably high. The risk of wider conflict remains and must be averted.

Back home, where Labour have no answers to the problems of our country. What big spending plans they do come up with, have no means of being funded, except through taxing you all more. You only have to look at Southampton City Council and the financial mess its in, to have a preview of what a Labour government would do. Ask yourself, can I afford to vote Labour?

We need to reform and change the way we do things in our country that breaks with the cycle of bad decisions in order to make Britain great again for all citizens. Reform have the policies to bring about long term change that will benefit the whole of the nation. 

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